How to Make Christmas Wreaths in Muswell Hill

‘Christmas is the day that hold all time together.’

(Alexander Smith).

Are you based in Muswell Hill and would like to learn to make Christmas wreaths?

Even the most hardened Scrooge loves the sight of a Christmas wreath; they are the easiest way to show your Christmas spirit without going overboard.

The history of hanging wreaths is believed to have started, like many things, in Ancient Rome. In Christianity, the circular shape represents eternity and never ending life. Saint Lucy was said to have used a candle-lit wreath to light her way and keep her hands free for a bounty of food.

Made from evergreens, wreaths also symbolise strength because they last through even the harshest winter.

If you want to know how to make Christmas wreaths in Muswell Hill, Blend and Bloom offer many workshops throughout the year. We teach flower crown making, along with how to make bouquets and Christmas wreaths.

Our workshops take place in both London and Hampshire, including providing those for small groups, hen parties, birthday parties, schools and corporate events.

We also sell floral gifts for both Christmas and weddings.

Discover more about making Christmas wreaths in Muswell Hill.