Our Fresh Hand Tied Bouquets in Muswell Hill

Are you looking for flowers for your Christmas wedding, and want them to be fresh, colourful and full of life? Or do you want a Christmas wreath for your front door?

If you’re based in or near Muswell Hill, our fresh hand tied bouquets will do the trick. These types of flowers are also perfect for weddings and special events. Nothing makes a bride or bridesmaid feel more special than a hand tied bouquet.

Everyone wants to grab that bouquet when it’s thrown, so it’s worth making sure it’s special.

Flowers are just one of the many ways of expressing yourself at your wedding, but they can make a huge difference, especially at Christmas time when everything is cold and gloomy.

The origins of a bride carrying a bouquet date aren’t known, but we know the tradition was around in the 1600s, when people needed sweetly scented flowers to cover bad odours!

Today bouquets are both fragrance and decorative, bringing that natural touch that brings alive a church or venue. No wedding in Muswell Hill will be complete without them.

At Blend and Bloom we have a wide range of fresh flowers that our experienced in-house florist can help you with. We are also perfect for anybody looking for Christmas wreaths which you’ll find sold at the farmer’s market in Alexandra Palace.

Discover more about our hand tied bouquets in Muswell Hill.