Our Sustainably Produced Garden Plants

Do you love having fresh plants around in your home? Having colourful flowers around is real mood lifter- particularly in the gloomy winter months.

If you would like to benefit from sustainably produced plants in London, Blend and Bloom offer many gorgeous plants to brighten up your home.

You can find us at many farmer’s markets around London and Hampshire, where we sell beautiful flower arrangements made with British and Fair trade flowers. All our garden plants and herbs are sustainably produced, in hairy coir pots and peat free compost.

Because peat is sourced from lowland bogs, which is an increasingly rare habitat in the UK and in Europe-it has become a diminishing resource. Peat free compost is important because it is much more sustainable, being made of organic materials like composted bark, coir and green compost.

Where can you find Blend and Bloom?

The garden markets where you’ll find us include Oval Farmer’s Market in Kennington, and Alexander Palace Farmers Market in Muswell Hill. Our plants are also extremely popular for weddings and events.

Discover more about our sustainably produced garden plants.

Or for more information, give you a call on 07791 212 137.

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